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summer scarf

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cashmere-colored two-faced scarf, thick and warm, can be worn on both the front and the back. pure plant dip dyeing, hand-modulated and colored, natural and comfortable in color, natural and healthy, no harmful substances, no damage to the skin. the colors are ingenious and classic. the furry tassel

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scarf | Montgomery

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the scarves made from all kinds of silk raw materials are light in weight, various in variety, beautiful and practical.it can be used as a neck ornament to match clothes, can also be wrapped around the hands, as a finishing touch.silk scarves as accessories have become a must for exquisite fashion w

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kids custom enamel pins

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this kids pin is very cute! he put one hand on his waist. other hand , the other hand was holding a toy. he loos very happy with a smile. this pin will add a little subtle fun to uniforms, gear bags, and backpacks! the kids custom enamel pins, made by gs-jj, enamel pin maker. kids custom enamel pins


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